Company's Ethics

The Company believes in Commitment, Reliability and Honesty. Establishing performance norms that our clients can trust is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Our strategies are made keeping in mind the goals of clients. Short term profits is a terminology that doesn't appear in our dictionary. Long-term mutually beneficial economic linkages with clients is what we aim at.

About Us Success

The key to the company's success and spectacular growth is the trust that it has earned from its customers.

This has become possible due to its capability to purchase product from all parts of the country of appropriate quality and meet the customer requirements to the full. For this purpose it has set up liaison and representative offices at the key procurement sites. But above all this has been its commitment to treat the customer as a valuable stakeholder of the Company.

The Company is a part of a diversified group and interests include distribution of consumer products, C&F agency and handling and transportation of bulk consignments. The Company has satisfied customers are to be found all over the world including Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.


With us, excellence is not a standard to be met. It's an ongoing process. A passion. It's applying the latest TQM techniques and benchmarking practices to achieve our targets. Our products to through the toughest structures and the most stringent tests. A practice that makes our products globally competitive.