India is on the threshold of a technological revolution. And so are we. As the world gets on to the information superhighway, no company can afford to ignore the implications of this mega success factor. We at V.K. Udyog Ltd. have put in systems that incorporate absolute state of the art technologies and the latest innovations worldwide. Research and development is an integral part of the way we work. We have also decided to set up one of our Sortax Plant to ensure control on quality and gain the edge in technology.


As international boundaries disappear at an astonishing rate and the world becomes even smaller, Globalization is meritable. Exploring New Markets, adhering to international standards and constantly adding value to our products in our endurance. Our international network boasts of an impressive list of countries. From Bangladesh, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Srilanka, China, Pakistan to the U.S. and U.K. To establish our presence in each part of the world , is our goal. For globalization.


We at V. K. Udyog Ltd, have witnessed mega growth in the past twelve years as is evident from the graphs and figures.

Achieving the unachievable, surpassing new heights and gaining more share of the market is our vision for the future. The Company has satisfied customers are to be found all over the world including Bangladesh, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Srilanka, China and South Africa. We are exporter of Wheat, Rice, Pulses, Spices, All kinds of Paper, Paper Board and Paper Products, Maize, Iron ore fines etc.


V. K. Udyog Ltd. has already made a mark in the market place as a company that is trusted and can be relied upon. This has happened because we have followed business practices and ethics, which have earned us respect in the market place. Above all this has been the commitment to our customers because it is the customer who provides us the prime means for growth and in fact the very survival of the business.